February 28, 2018

Eventually we’ll get to see the Eagles real 2017 Super Bowl ring, but for those that can’t wait, an unauthorized version is available now:

Eagles 2017 Super Bowl ring, Eagles Super Bowl LII ring

I’m not affiliated with the seller, or the tweet, or any replica championship rings, but the tweet shown above caught my eye this week.

It shows a pretty good design of an Eagles 2017 Super Bowl ring and it appears like it’s for sale; but I don’t have any details and frankly, when the real Super Bowl ring is released, who is going to want a version that does not resemble the actual real one?

And as I often ask, how do the teams, and leagues allow these unauthorized championship rings to be sold?

I have no idea how large this offered Super Bowl ring is, and can we even call it a replica if it’s truly not replicating the actual championship ring?

Since this will be the Eagles first Super Bowl winning ring, look for it (thanks to NFL policy) of being smaller than some of the huge Patriots, Broncos and Packers rings we’ve seen over the last decade.

Even though the Eagles Super Bowl LII (why do we still use Roman numbers) will be smaller than recent Super Bowl rings, my gut feeling is that it will contain more bling than the example shown above.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings (as long as they are real). If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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