February 23, 2018

Jostens’s new “family rings” could wind up taking football fans and wanna-be championship ring collectors for a bad ride:

Jostens family rings championship rings

For those collectors and fans who want a glamorous Super Bowl ring, Jostens new “family rings”, as shown above could easily be mistaken for a player-sized championship ring.

While the Patriots Super Bowl LI ring from a year ago weighs in around 100 grams, the family ring is 78 grams and contains about 23 less diamonds.

This may not seem like a big difference, as the family ring shown above is scaled very well, has a tremendous amount of bling, and it’s huge. However, collectors in the past have shown when you examine the selling prices, that smaller, non-player size rings, take an enormous hit on the secondary market as most collectors want the player-sized versions.

Last week’s sale of the Tom Brady family ring, proved that collectors want championship rings associated with the “greatest players of all time” and are willing to dish out a fortune to acquire such a rare and desired item.

However, moving forward, fans and championship ring collectors who don’t do research or understand what they are buying from font office employees, coaches, or players no one has ever heard of, may wind up way-over-paying for a championship ring they think is player size, when in fact it’s not.

The Broncos and Patriots appear to have both offered Super Bowl rings, scaled down, that look terrific and very closely resemble player size championship rings. I do know that employees, coaches and players were offered Patriot family rings for around $10,000 each and you can expect some of them will be hitting the market place in the next few years. The photo above of a Jostens brochure shows how nice the family ring is.

So be careful out there, and don’t get taken advantage of; do your research!

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