January 31, 2018

Caroline Shannon-Karasik did a nice job researching this question in a story she wrote. But she did miss a couple of key facts.

How much does a super bowl ring cost

A link to Caroline’s column is provided below, and I loved the research she did into the last couple of Super Bowl rings and the complexity of making the Patriots Super Bowl LI ring from last year.

She determined that the last two Super Bowl rings “cost” around $36,000 to $37,000 to make.

That could very well be, but she did not take into account the following things:

1) The NFL provides some (or most of the cost) of each winning and losing championship ring from the Super Bowl and teams are allowed to contribute additional funds on the rings should they wish to go over the NFL’s budget. Keep in mind teams often do contribute extra money.

2) Jostens, Tiffany, Balfour, and others bid each year on the contract to make the Super Bowl winning and losing rings. The teams get to choose the winning bid, not the NFL. Because of the publicity, bragging rights, and prestige that comes along with making these rings, the manufacturers heavily discount the cost. That’s a very important piece of information the author missed. Perhaps a Super Bowl ring could cost $36,000 to make, but the winning bidder will provide it to the league and team for much less.

3) The author, smartly took her figures and mentioned two low-end luxury car brands that could be purchased instead for around $36,000 or $37,000 but then even went so far to mention one could buy a house. A house…. really???

4) Last, the author got it right – championship ring collectors might pay more than these figures due to the scarcity of championship rings that enter the market place. She fell into the trap of mentioning a couple of well-known Super Bowl rings that sold at auction for incredible amounts of money. She failed to mention or explain that many front office and lesser know player Super Bowl rings have sold below and around $20,000.00.

Here is the link to her well-done article: https://www.romper.com/p/how-much-does-the-2018-super-bowl-ring-cost-you-could-buy-a-car-instead-8058931

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