January 30, 2018

Minneapolis will be full of Super Bowl rings from now until Monday. Visitors and locals will be seeing them everywhere:

Super Bowl rings galore

If you’ve never had the experience of being in a Super Bowl city the week of the game, you’re missing something special.

Like spring break for football fans, former players and active players, descend upon the designated city each and every year. You will see and run into them everywhere.

A lot more of them visit and hang out in the city than actually go to the game.

Current and former players, coaches, and football executives, lucky enough to have Super Bowl rings or other championship rings wear their prize possessions all week long.

I’m not exaggerating – you will see tons of Super Bowl rings in restaurants, shopping malls, football events and on the street. Most of the owners of these championship rings are so proud of their rings and often gracious enough to let fans and admirers take pictures wearing the rings.

Twitter and Facebook will be packed with such photos – just as the one shown above, in this instance, with the Seahawks only Super Bowl ring – from 2013.

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