January 27, 2018

This player-size Super Bowl ring from the estate of team broadcaster Bill King, fetched $30,343.

Raiders Super Bowl XI ring at auction

Sorry I am only now getting to blog about this championship ring auction sale, which concluded in late December. The auction also included other championship rings, but none more desirable than this Raider Super Bowl ring. The sale was run by Grey Flannel Auctions.

Normally player-size, front office Super Bowl rings sell for around $20,000.00 and often less. But a $20,000 estimate is a very rough one. Some earlier ones, with less bling and designed smaller, often sell below this figure. A modern Patriots Super Bowl ring, that would be twice the size as the Raiders Super Bowl XI ring, would go for a lot more.

Perhaps the high price this championship ring earned was due to the fact that Raider Super Bowl rings are quite rare (except for their Super Bowl XVIII ring, which has flooded the market place and brings in much lower prices than this example).

Another factor that helped this Super Bowl ring sell for such a high number was that it came with the rare wooden Super Bowl presentation box. Al Davis and the original manufacturer of the Raider Super Bowl rings, Lenox, produced a very unusual wooden box. Most of the Raider championship ring boxes are no longer around.

To see what these presentation boxes looked like, you can visit the Grey Flannel website or my Super Bowl ring gallery, located with a link from my home page.

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