January 26, 2018

Looks like we are still in sluggish times for mid-level to entry-level championship ring pricing:

championship ring auctions

I was interested to see how the Paragon Auctions event would do – particularly with their championship ring offerings.

The recent auction showed low to mid-end championship rings are still not pulling in the money that they did several years back. This is not a slight on Paragon Auctions, we have seen these lower prices throughout the hobby place and at other auctions. You can visit their website to see what sold, what didn’t sell, and the prices realized on items that did move.

The gorgeous Stanley Cup championship ring shown above, was smaller than the player’s size, yet it’s full of bling and will make a great addition to a championship ring collection. The selling price of $10,555.00 is OK; not great, but not so bad. It gives us an idea of where the smaller, non-player, recent Stanley cup championship rings should sell for.

Like other auction houses, Paragon had their hits and misses. A front office 2009 Yankee World Series ring (same size as a player’s ring) sold for $13,513.00. That’s not a bad price at all. But why so low for a decent price Yankee player size World Series ring? Because so many of these front office rings have entered the market place, there is more supply than demand.

The Pirates 1979 World Series ring that was featured in a blog on this site a month or so ago, did not meet the reserve.

One item that did well was a 2002 Miguel Tejada A.L. MVP award. While not a championship ring, many collectors of rings do chase awards and trophies too. The impressive plaque sold for $29,770.00.

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