January 12, 2018

Maybe Joe Namath is pointing to his Super Bowl ring and thinking, “this could be the world’s first and only million dollar championship ring”.

Joe Namath Super Bowl III ring

As I stated before in this blog, I’ve often thought and wondered what’s the most valuable championship ring of all time?

While championship ring enthusiasts and sports fans could debate this matter until the end of time, I keep coming back to Namath’s Super Bowl III ring.

Am I crazy for thinking this championship ring could fetch a million dollars or more at auction? Keep in mind that Babe Ruth’s 1923 non-working 1923 solid gold World-Series watch sold for $717,000 in 2014. Note that World Series rings were not awarded in 1923, only gold watches.

Babe Ruth’s first Yankees World Series ring, from 1927, may have sold for more than $717,000 privately. However some in the sports memorabilia community have wondered if that championship ring is original, and some have even wondered if that ring is authentic. I have no idea about it’s authenticity. Bad-boy Charlie . Sheen purchased the ring privately, so the price he paid is not publicly known.

If New York Giant legend, Lawrence Taylor’s beat-up Super Bowl XXV championship ring can sell for $230,401 (in 2012) and the Bear’s William Perry’s (The Fridge) Super Bowl XX ring can fetch $203,150 (in 2015), imagine what Joe Namath’s Jets Super Bowl ring would bring at auction.

And keep in mind Perry’s Super Bowl XX ring also had championship ring collectors wondering if that ring started out life as a Jostens salesman sample and refitted with real diamonds.

Why is Joe Namath’s Super Bowl III ring (still owned and worn by Joe as pictured above) a possible $1,000,000 ring? What makes this championship ring so special is that Joe and the Jets were huge underdogs in Super Bowl III and their victory over the heavily favored Colts helped to make the annual Super Bowl contest the largest sporting event of the year. Up until recently, the Super Bowl continued to grow and grow in popularity, and perhaps it will still keep on growing.

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