January 10, 2018

Leland’s is selling the championship ring shown below, claiming it’s a Jostens salesman sample. What do you think?

fake salesman sample ring?

The photograph above shows the Leland’s offering on the top, and a 100% authentic player Super Bowl ring is pictures directly below it.

According to the Leland’s auction listing:

“Recently discovered in Green Bay this a truly rare salesman’s sample by Jostens. Appears to be celestrium or a similar alloy and is unengraved and unmarked inside by Jostens. Most importantly this is NOT a replica and has the beauty, detail and definition of the player originals as it is made straight from the original mold only available through Jostens. Clear use is shown on the face of the ring with the top right and bottom left stones missing. In standard Jostens box (missing magnet) to hold shut. A perfect representation of the championship of the two title heaviest franchises of all time. And the Packers keep Titletown what it is.”

The true definition of a championship ring salesman sample is that it is a promotional item, sometimes made of non precious metals and almost always made with imitation diamonds. They are supposed to look exactly like the real championship ring versions and are made in the same molds and manner as the real ones.

Now I think the world of Leland’s. They are an excellent auction house, known for their integrity. I have a feeling this championship item will be pulled before the conclusion of the auction.

Clearly, the supposed Salesman sample offering, is not made from the same mold as the authentic Super Bowl ring shown below it.

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