January 8, 2018

As we’ve covered numerous times, the Colts did not receive an NFL championship ring for their NFL title in 1968. They elected to go with a championship watch instead. Someone is trying to sell the Colts watch on the right as an authentic piece, however it’s not the real deal.

Baltimore Colts 1968 championship ring and championship watch

The championship watch on the left is an authentic solid gold watch the Colts team received for their 1968 season. The team was so disappointed with their loss to the underdog Jets in Super Bowl III, the organization could not bear to design an NFL championship ring.

Yes, before the official NFL-AFL merger was 100% compete in 1970, the NFL was still awarding NFL championship rings instead of World championship rings if the NFL team lost in the Super Bowl to the AFL team. You can see that line of thinking in the championship watch shown above and also the Vikings 1969 championship ring (check out my super bowl gallery showing every single ring, accessible from the home page).

I was offered the chance to purchase the championship watch on the right, but clearly it’s bogus. I’m certain because numerous player watches that have sold in the past and they were all identical to the one on the left.

Perhaps someone had the Hamilton watch modified to celebrate the team’s season? Who knows? I just know that buyers should beware of this offering.

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