December 30, 2017

Ever wonder what championship rings might look life ten, twenty, or fifty years from now? Perhaps something like this:

Future championship ring designs

It’s no secret that championship rings have grown tremendous in size. My championship ring blog has demonstrated dozens of instances where rings have doubled and tripled in size over the fifty years of ring design.

Now we have reached a point where the largest championship rings from multiple sports, are so massive, the latest examples are completely uncomfortable to wear, even for the huge athletes.

According to Kendra Scott, a jewelry designer who came up with the prototype shown above, perhaps we are looking at the next evolution in championship ring design.

The prototype is very wide from left to right, supplying a huge area of design and bling space. Because it’s not overly large in height, it won’t reach all the way up to the knuckle as current championship rings do. With smaller height, the championship ring will be more comfortable to wear. However, just like today’s huge specimens, don’t count on being able to effectively have use of your hand when wearing this championship ring.

The designer believes this possible new style doesn’t reinvent championship rings, rather, it adapts it to make it both bigger and easier to wear, which is a nice and needed feature.

And with the weight of championship rings sometimes approaching a quarter of a pound, the mass of Scott’s design is spread over two fingers instead of weighing one finger way down.

Someday, if this design becomes prevalent for championship rings, the next evolution could be gold knuckles (just think something like brass knuckles, just made of gold and diamonds).

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