December 27, 2017

Back in August, this seller had these two championship ring presentation boxes for sale with an asking price of $19,999.99. Now he’s asking $4,999.99:

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls championship ring boxes

The eBay seller used words in his offering such as “authentic” and “original” and I wrote a blog about this offering and asked lots of questions in that essay.

The listing claimed the two championship rings boxes came from a Chicago area Luxury estate auction and I sarcastically wondered if Michael Jordan, when he sold his Chicago mansion, had an estate sale or auction and the lucky ebay seller had purchased them at this time.

I also wondered if the championship ring boxes came with any proper paperwork proving their providence, and I pondered how could they be “authentic” and “original” if they did not at one point belong to Michael Jordan?

At an asking price of $19,999.99 did the seller think they truly were awarded to Michael Jordan? Or was he hoping someone with lots of money would just pull the trigger and acquire them?

Here is a link to the original story, in case you would like to learn more about these championship ring boxes:

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