October 20, 2017

It’s been a very long time since the Dodgers were awarded a championship ring; and a lot has changed since their last ones were issued:

Dodgers 2017 championship rings

I was thinking early this morning, could it possibly bee almost 30 years (29 to be exact) since the Dodgers were last seen in the World Series?

And while we’re feeling nostalgic, imagine if the Yankees make it too? These two historic franchises had some great battles in the World Series, having met a mind-boggling 11 times, including two contests in the late 70s and their last one in the early 80s.

Pictured above, top left, is the Dodgers last World Series ring, from 1988. On the right is the Dodgers last National League Pennant championship ring, from 1978 (awarded when a team loses the World Series).

Keep in mind the two championship rings are not shown to scale, as I merged two photographs together to make the single picture seen above.

The last few Dodger championship rings were designed and manufactured by Balfour and company and back in the 50′s when the Dodgers seemed to appear in the World Series much more regularly, their championship rings were made by Dieges & Clust who are now long gone.

Who knows if anyone is left in the Dodgers organization who even has a relationship with Balfour, so it’s no guarantee the Dodgers will remain with Balfour for their next championship ring.

If the Yankees are their opponent in the 2017 World Series, look for them to utilize Balfour, win or loose. Balfour has made every Yankee championship ring for decades.

One thing we know for sure, the new Dodgers championship ring will be substantially larger and contain much more bling than the two rings shown above.

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