September 29, 2017

The White Sox gave Abreu the championship ring to commemorate his recent hitting for the cycle:

White Sox and Jose Abreu cycle championship ring

In an otherwise forgetful season for the White Sox, a rare enjoyable moment took place a few weeks ago when Jose Abreu hit for the cycle against the San Francisco Giants. The cycle is a rare feat, but can happen in MLB a couple of times a year. It’s when a batter hits at least one single, double, triple, and home run in a game.

The game itself was a 13-1 drilling of the Giants, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of Abreu’s at-bats. Talk about being locked in. When he smashed the triple in the 8th inning to complete the cycle, it was a rare moment that Chicago fans wanted to celebrate for as long as possible.

Well, because of White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s generosity, Abreu gets to keep the feel-good moment a lot longer.

Baseball has had more than 300 players hit for the cycle since the 1880’s. Amazingly, seven MLB players have accomplished the cycle this season. I believe this is the first and only championship ring awarded for this feat.

Perhaps next, you’ll see championship rings for perfect games (I know David Cone of the Yankees received a gold watch) and then there’s David Ortiz’s World Series MVP championship ring.

What about the Yankee’s Phenom Aaron Judge? Should he get a championship ring for the most home runs in MLB history for a rookie? Or a championship ring for 50 home runs? Or how about a championship ring for his highly-likely Rookie of the Year award?

Somehow if he wins the American League MVP award, does he get a championship ring for that, or two in case he becomes the second person in MLB history to win the ROY and MVP award (Fred Lynn was the first in 1975)? Heck at this rate, Judge could walk away with four or five championship rings after this season, unless the Yankees make it to the World Series. Because if the Yanks make it there, Judge and his teammates, win or loose, will get a championship ring for that accomplishment.

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