September 28, 2017

This photo of the Seahawks Super Bowl ring, on display at their Delta Sky Club, is a reminder that Tiffany needs to step up:

Seahawks Super Bowl ring

Tiffany & Company had been on a nice little football championship ring run a few years back. They were awarded the privilege of designing and manufacturing the Bucs 2002, the Giants 2007 and 2011, Saints 2009, Forty Niners 2012, and the Seahawks 2013 and 2014 championship rings. (Yes I included the AFC/NFC championship rings Tiffany made that were awarded to the team that loses the Super Bowl).

The last three winning Super Bowl rings, and the last two conference championship rings were all made by Jostens.

I’m not speculating that the reason Jostens has been on a big winning streak has anything to do with Tiffany’s great-looking championship rings. But I’m wondering if their choice of championship ring box offerings plays a role (perhaps a small role) in team’s recent decisions to look elsewhere for championship ring designs and manufacturing.

The Super Bowl ring and wood presentation box, shown above are a perfect example of the common Tiffany championship ring presentation box. In recent years the Patriots and Steelers have ordered massive presentation boxes for their championship rings, and Jostens over the last decade or so (as has Balfour) usually have a larger championship ring box version than the one shown above.

The Jostens boxes are made with a glass window on top (with full personalized etchings) which not only protects the ring, but also allows viewing of the championship ring when it’s inside the box. Sometimes the boxes even come with led lighting to really show off that bling!

Once the Tiffany championship ring box is closed, you can’t see the championship ring. Each Tiffany championship ring mentioned above, came with the same size box, although in fairness to Tiffany, the Giants 2011 championship ring box, finally did contain a glass top. Subsequent Tiffany football championship ring boxes (including the Seahawks one shown above), went back to their solid top.

Come on Tiffany, step up and use a better championship ring display box. Your gorgeous championship rings deserve this!

To see most of the championship ring boxes that were awarded with each winning and losing NFL football championship ring, please visit my home-page and click on the top link, titled “Super Bowl Ring Gallery”.

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