September 25, 2017

Talented Championship Ring Hat-Maker, Rion Liosel makes another impressive ring hat creation:

Bengals Championship ring hat

I’m not affiliated with Rion, or any championship ring hats. I’m just hear to blog about the amazing world of championship rings.

This championship ring blog has covered Rion Liosel and his championship ring hats before.

And you’ve probably seen many fine examples of his work – as crazy fans are often shown wearing his custom creations on TV and in pictures throughout the Internet.

Rion will make a fan any championship ring hat they want – but I’ve never seen one like this until now….

The Bengals fanatic shown above, must’ve requested a nonexistent championship ring. The Bengals have been to the Super Bowl twice (1981 and 1988). That means the team has issued two AFC championship rings. While these two championship rings are quite nice, the Bengals are still looking for their first winning Super Bowl ring.

This fan’s ring hat, doesn’t look like either Bengals AFC championship ring, yet Rion did another great creation!

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