September 12, 2017

Geneine Dietz, worked 10 full seasons as an usher at Wrigley Field. Now she has something very special to show off her affiliation and fandom with her team:


Dietz won the Cubs World Series ring giveaway this week. Her new championship ring comes with an incredible number of real diamonds – 214 of them. The World Series ring raffle was run by Cubs Charities.

The lifelong Cubs fan’s winning ticket number, (wait till you read this), was 001907. Just so happens that was the year the Cubs won their first World Series. Her raffle was picked from over 25,000 entries.

In addition to 214 diamonds, the ring features three karats of red rubies and 2.5 karats of sapphires. Although the Cubs and Jostens offered limited editions of fan World Series rings that were quite large and contained real diamonds, this was the only players-size version available to Cubs fans.

The value of the ring has been reported to be around $70,000, although collecting championship rings as long as I have, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that’s an over-inflated price estimate.

Tickets for the raffle were available and snatched up from July 7-Sept. 4, and cost $10 each. All the money generated from this Championship Ring giveaway went to charity.

Congratulations to Geneine Dietz and the Cubs and charities!

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