September 11, 2017

Although other teams have done similar fundraising events, this is the first time Pats fans get a shot to win an authentic, player sized, New England Super Bowl championship ring.

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The New England Patriots announced last week that they are raffling off a championship ring as a fundraiser to benefit the Patriots Foundation. The charity is a nonprofit organization, started by team owner Robert Kraft. The foundation’s website explains that it donates funds to charitable and philanthropic causes throughout the New England area, and has a special focus on programs that help youth and struggling families.

Fans of the team, and championship ring enthusiasts, who want to enter the drawing for the Super Bowl ring have some choices to make: They can purchase a single ticket for $10, or three tickets for $25, 15 tickets for $100 or even 100 tickets for $500.

The Super Bowl ring (shown above), commemorates the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. The winning championship ring will feature a team logo and the shape of five Lombardi trophies. The Super bowl ring is contain real white gold with more than 280 real diamonds and a staggering carat weight of 5.1.

According to Jostens, the ring designer and manufacturer, it’s the largest Super Bowl ring ever made — even larger than the Patriots’ 2015 rings that were valued at $36,500 apiece.

The drawing for the Super Bowl ring raffle will be on December 11th, 2017.

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