September 7, 2017

An Oklahoma man was arrested for stealing two championship rings; and he threatened violence against a police officer and fought with two others:

Dallas Cowboys SUper Bowl XXVII ring

Carlos Wigley, 22 years of age, was arrested this week for robbery of those two championship rings and threatening acts of violence and obstructing officers.

Police were called to the Embassy Suites in Oklahoma because of a reported robbery.

A witness told police a Wigley came to the hotel to fill out an employment application and while he was filling it out, he grabbed a 1992 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring (just like the championship ring shown above) and a 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder Conference Championship ring.

I just want to know who the heck leaves championship rings around or unprotected?

The witness demanded that Wigley put the championship rings back but Wigley threatened him and said, “If you follow me, I will shoot you,” according to police.

When the police arrived, they chased Wigley, who threw roof shingles at the police officers. Eventually, the police captured him and took him into custody.

While he was being detained, Wigley threatened to kill one of the officers and even went so far as to hit one officer in the face with his forehead. It required two police officers to take him to ground during a scuffle.

The police needed to use pepper spray and restraints during the arrest, according to police paperwork.

No word was given on if Wigley will be hired (remember he came to the hotel to fill out an application for employment).

I’m amazed how some championship ring collectors wear their valued items out in public. Me, I’d rather not.

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