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Wait Till You Hear Why Jose Abreu Received a Championship Ring

September 29, 2017

The White Sox gave Abreu the championship ring to commemorate his recent hitting for the cycle:

White Sox and Jose Abreu cycle championship ring

In an otherwise forgetful season for the White Sox, a rare enjoyable moment took place a few weeks ago when Jose Abreu hit for the cycle against the San Francisco Giants. The cycle is a rare feat, but can happen in MLB a couple of times a year. It’s when a batter hits at least one single, double, triple, and home run in a game.

The game itself was a 13-1 drilling of the Giants, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of Abreu’s at-bats. Talk about being locked in. When he smashed the triple in the 8th inning to complete the cycle, it was a rare moment that Chicago fans wanted to celebrate for as long as possible.

Well, because of White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s generosity, Abreu gets to keep the feel-good moment a lot longer.

Baseball has had more than 300 players hit for the cycle since the 1880’s. Amazingly, seven MLB players have accomplished the cycle this season. I believe this is the first and only championship ring awarded for this feat.

Perhaps next, you’ll see championship rings for perfect games (I know David Cone of the Yankees received a gold watch) and then there’s David Ortiz’s World Series MVP championship ring.

What about the Yankee’s Phenom Aaron Judge? Should he get a championship ring for the most home runs in MLB history for a rookie? Or a championship ring for 50 home runs? Or how about a championship ring for his highly-likely Rookie of the Year award?

Somehow if he wins the American League MVP award, does he get a championship ring for that, or two in case he becomes the second person in MLB history to win the ROY and MVP award (Fred Lynn was the first in 1975)? Heck at this rate, Judge could walk away with four or five championship rings after this season, unless the Yankees make it to the World Series. Because if the Yanks make it there, Judge and his teammates, win or loose, will get a championship ring for that accomplishment.

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Time For Tiffany & Company To Improve Their Championship Ring Boxes?

September 28, 2017

This photo of the Seahawks Super Bowl ring, on display at their Delta Sky Club, is a reminder that Tiffany needs to step up:

Seahawks Super Bowl ring

Tiffany & Company had been on a nice little football championship ring run a few years back. They were awarded the privilege of designing and manufacturing the Bucs 2002, the Giants 2007 and 2011, Saints 2009, Forty Niners 2012, and the Seahawks 2013 and 2014 championship rings. (Yes I included the AFC/NFC championship rings Tiffany made that were awarded to the team that loses the Super Bowl).

The last three winning Super Bowl rings, and the last two conference championship rings were all made by Jostens.

I’m not speculating that the reason Jostens has been on a big winning streak has anything to do with Tiffany’s great-looking championship rings. But I’m wondering if their choice of championship ring box offerings plays a role (perhaps a small role) in team’s recent decisions to look elsewhere for championship ring designs and manufacturing.

The Super Bowl ring and wood presentation box, shown above are a perfect example of the common Tiffany championship ring presentation box. In recent years the Patriots and Steelers have ordered massive presentation boxes for their championship rings, and Jostens over the last decade or so (as has Balfour) usually have a larger championship ring box version than the one shown above.

The Jostens boxes are made with a glass window on top (with full personalized etchings) which not only protects the ring, but also allows viewing of the championship ring when it’s inside the box. Sometimes the boxes even come with led lighting to really show off that bling!

Once the Tiffany championship ring box is closed, you can’t see the championship ring. Each Tiffany championship ring mentioned above, came with the same size box, although in fairness to Tiffany, the Giants 2011 championship ring box, finally did contain a glass top. Subsequent Tiffany football championship ring boxes (including the Seahawks one shown above), went back to their solid top.

Come on Tiffany, step up and use a better championship ring display box. Your gorgeous championship rings deserve this!

To see most of the championship ring boxes that were awarded with each winning and losing NFL football championship ring, please visit my home-page and click on the top link, titled “Super Bowl Ring Gallery”.

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Are Falcons Championship Rings Worth More or Less Money These Days?

September 27, 2017

With the historic collapse of the team during the recent Super Bowl, combined with the fact that Atlanta might be the best team in the NFL this year, it’s a very fair question:

Atlanta Falcons Championship Rings and Super Bowl rings

Searching through eBay’s championship rings for sale this week, I see two Falcons NFC championship rings from the 1998 season being offered.

They’ve been for sale for quite a while with no takers. Falcon championship rings have never been hot sellers the way Patriot or Steeler championship rings have been.

The 1998 NFC championship ring, shown above, is a very good looking championship ring. The Falcons earned this championship ring when they won the NFC Title game but lost in Super Bowl XXXIII to the Broncos. Had they won that Super Bowl, they would’ve received a Super Bowl ring and not the NFC championship ring.

While no 2016 Falcons NFC championship ring has been offered for sale publicly, fans of the team could snatch up one of the two Falcon NFC championship rings offered on ebay (the other one has an asking price of much less money).

So are Falcon championship rings worth more or less money these days? Have fans soured on championship rings for the team, since they are now 0 – 2 in Super Bowl games; the last one leaving an unbelievably sour taste in their mouths?

Or will fan interest in the team be at an all-time high as the team looks to be very good this year and a popular pick to return to another Super Bowl?

What do Falcons fans and championship ring enthusiasts think? Let me know.

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What’s This Cartoon Saying About Championship Rings?

September 26, 2017

If you listen to sports-talk radio, many players and coaches are judged by the number of championship rings they’ve accumulated. Is this fair?

championship ring humor

Remember when Lebron James was heavily criticized when he had zero championship rings? Luckily for Lebron, he now has three.

Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, has no Super Bowl rings, although he did appear in one Super Bowl losing effort; so he actually owns one AFC championship ring.

Yet some players, through perhaps luck, accumulate multiple championship rings by being a backup in the right place at the right time.

Do fans and sports journalists put to much emphasis on championship rings? Is this fair, considering in sports, you often need several great (or really good players) to win a championship?

What do you think? Let me know you thoughts and opinions.

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The Championship Ring That Wasn’t

September 25, 2017

Talented Championship Ring Hat-Maker, Rion Liosel makes another impressive ring hat creation:

Bengals Championship ring hat

I’m not affiliated with Rion, or any championship ring hats. I’m just hear to blog about the amazing world of championship rings.

This championship ring blog has covered Rion Liosel and his championship ring hats before.

And you’ve probably seen many fine examples of his work – as crazy fans are often shown wearing his custom creations on TV and in pictures throughout the Internet.

Rion will make a fan any championship ring hat they want – but I’ve never seen one like this until now….

The Bengals fanatic shown above, must’ve requested a nonexistent championship ring. The Bengals have been to the Super Bowl twice (1981 and 1988). That means the team has issued two AFC championship rings. While these two championship rings are quite nice, the Bengals are still looking for their first winning Super Bowl ring.

This fan’s ring hat, doesn’t look like either Bengals AFC championship ring, yet Rion did another great creation!

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