August 30, 2017

I’ve never published a full letter before, but this one was a terrific and interesting read:

championship ring blog

Dear Mike,

I only recently discovered your blog on championship rings and it is amazing to read. Thanks so much for posting all those great photos and stories about the rings and their histories and the stories behind them. I have been an avid sports collector since going to the early card shows of the 1970s. I am not in the market to sell any of my rings but just wanted to say thank you for all the info.

My great granduncle is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and we donated his championship medal to the HOF when he was inducted (no rings back then). My father is a huge Tigers fan and I purchased Charlie Gehring’s 1935 ring for him when his widow put it up for sale many years back. I am a huge Yankees fan and have always been fascinated by the 1927 rings.

I have the Bob Shawkey 1927 World Series ring. The three 1927 World Series rings that Heritage has handled have all been legit (Combs, Pennock and Bengough). Some of the others are not- the Gehrig ring in particular. Lou Gehrig had most of his rings made up into a necklace for his wife. We sat next to her and Mrs. Babe Ruth at the HOF induction luncheon.

Wish I could have asked them about the championship rings way back then… The Joe Dugan World Series ring is a reissue that I believe he had it remade after losing the original one. In one of your blogs you mentioned that there is a championship ring that Lelands had of a clubhouse personal. I don’t remember seeing that one when it came up.

I see heritage had a Barrow 1927 World Series ring for the upcoming August auction but it was pulled. Not sure why but maybe they took a closer look at the inscription. I know his 1923 pocket watch had been auctioned a few years back.

I admire your photo of the Yankees rings you have, especially the 1953 “5″ world series ring. I have always wanted to own one of those as well as a 1962 championship ring. I am also a big Bobby Murcer fan growing up and was the underbidder on his 1981 Championship ring when it went up for sale on Platinum night a few years back. I did get his rocking chair which has more sentimental value to me.

Thanks again for all the great writing and info…I try to do as much research on collecting and rings as possible so your website is invaluable…

Go Yankees

Thanks “N”, I appreciate your wonderful letter, and like you, I love Yankee championship rings and especially the 1927 one!

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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