August 28, 2017

I received an email over the weekend, that explains the frustrations of owning cheap knockoff championship rings:

China Championship ring copies and knockoffs

I often get asked if I sell knockoff championship rings. I don’t. I do write about them at my championship ring blog from time to time.

I have no hidden agenda; I’m not affiliated with these fake championship rings, and I warn potential buyers all the time of the risks of purchasing them.

First off, they are cheaply made. China is well known as a place that provides poor quality in their fake goods. Sometimes the production facilities in that country make decent products; then suddenly switch to inferior quality items in their subsequent batch of production runs.

Here’s the letter I received from “M.J.”

Hi Mike;

A couple of years ago I bought a 1980 Philadelphia Phillies world series ring and a 1980 Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship ring. I bought them from In that time the gold plating has come off and I will have to take them to a jeweler to see if they can replate it. I know they came from China, but I think I got duped. Is there a website that sells customized rings that will last? Thanks.


Keep in mind M.J. ordered two fake championship rings, that were made as the originals were, in Yellow. In the case of the real championship rings, they were made with Yellow gold, while these fake championship rings were painted yellow.

If you buy a fake championship ring made in silver color (as almost all of today’s real championship rings are styled in this color) the fake championship ring will hold up better.

However, in M.J.’s situation and yours, if you wear these fake championship rings, they will fall apart. Tiny diamonds that are glued in by workers making pennies, will loosen and fall off and who knows what else will break off in short time.

If you must buy these fake rings, put them in a display, on a shelf and they will hold up better. Hopefully they will look like the photos shown on-line at the time of purchase. But keep in mind, many of those photos you see are of real championship rings, not the one you will be getting.

Please remember, I buy authentic championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring and maintain your privacy, please contact me.

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