August 25, 2017

A very interesting listing is on eBay; two Michael Jordan championship ring presentation boxes. Wait to you see the price:

Michae Jordan Chicago Bulls championship rings

The seller, who often lists several championship rings for sale, but can’t really be considered a full time championship ring dealer, is asking $19,999.99 for the pair. However, like many sellers on eBay, he is accepting offers.

According to his listing:

“1998 and 1993 Michael Jordan Original Chicago Bulls Championship Ring Presentation Boxes. These are authentic original presentation boxes that would have accompanied the players NBA championship ring fro [sic] that year. Bought from Chicago area Luxury estate auction.”

So this championship ring seller wrote that his two championship boxes are original, and that they “would have accompanied the players NBA Championship ring”.

Now hold on a minute….

If the two presentation boxes have “Michael Jordan” engravings, and no one in the organization shares that name with the player, than wouldn’t these two championship ring boxes have belonged to the legendary Hall of fame player, according to the logic presented by the seller? Here’s a close-up of each engraving:

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls championship rings

What were these “authentic original presentation boxes” (the seller’s words) doing at an estimate sale? It’s common knowledge that Michael Jordan sold his Chicago mansion, so did he have an estate sale where our seller just happened to pick up these odd ends?

There’s no mention in the listing about paperwork proving any providence on these championship ring boxes or who they were originally awarded to.

Michael Jordan, according to Forbes Magazine, has a net worth of 1.31 billion dollars (thanks in large part to his ownership share in the Charlotte Hornets. So I doubt he held a garage or estate sale and sold his championship ring boxes.

At an asking price of just under $20,000.00, and zero paperwork proving anything, this could be the worst collectible championship ring offering I’ve ever seen.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, but not insanely priced offerings. If you would like to sell your championship ring, and maintain your privacy, please contact me.

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