August 24, 2017

As the title implies, Everything about this set of Raider championship rings, and the presentation box is cheap:

Raider Super Bowl Ring copies, from China

I’m not affiliated with these Chinese knock-off Raider Super Bowl rings; or any knockoff championship rings for that matter. I’m just here to blog about the world of championship rings.

Combing the internet for championship ring content for this blog, I stumbled upon this offering. The seller, found at, (or you can search Twitter) is peddling the three Raider Super Bowl rings and the wood presentation box for the price of $49.99 (I believe shipping may be extra).

While these championship rings won’t fool anybody, the box and three Super Bowl rings could look good on a shelf along side other Super Bowl or Raider memorabilia. A few drinks for the evening, could help enhance their appearance, if you’re so inclined to do so.

So while the price is cheap, so is the quality.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, as long as they are real and not salesman samples or knockoff’s. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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