August 19, 2017

SCP Auctions sold this vintage player 1940 World Series Ring recently for $20,011. That’s a lot of money, and here’s why it sold so high:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)1940 Reds World Series Ring

As many readers of this championship ring blog know, I’ve been bloviating for a while about falling championship ring prices that we’ve seen in auctions. These falling championship ring prices do not include iconic player’s championship rings, which continue to soar in price.

Not discussed often, is another factor that can greatly enhance the selling price of championship rings. I’ve noticed time and time again, that when a championship ring comes to auction, and it’s the first version (sometimes the 2nd or 3rd too) of that year and team, the selling price will be quite high. This is due to the fact that there are hard core collectors out there trying to assemble every championship ring in a particular sport.

I believe this 1940 World Series ring could be the first to ever come to the market place and that means that a few collectors will pay a lot more than the going rate to acquire such a championship ring for their collection.

Many championship ring collectors often speak to me about the investment angle in these items, and the return on investment that they hope to get someday. Well if that’s the case, and you’re not in it for the love of collecting (and I’m not judging anyone, collectors have many different reasons for assembling their collections), then being the first person to win a particular championship ring at auction is a lousy investment if more of these items come up for sale down the road.

While we see falling prices often with more modern championship rings as more become available, keep in mind that this Reds World Series ring is more than 75 years old, so if this is truly the first one for public sale, perhaps very few, if any will show up again in our lifetime and this particular example was acquired by a collector at a good price. The more I track these things, the less I seem to know!

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