August 16, 2017

After finally winning the World Series last season, the Chicago Cubs gave out championship rings to their players, coaches, front office members, and also employees within all levels of the organization.

Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Rings

In a highly unusual gesture, it was recently announced that even Steve Bartman received a Cubs World Series ring. Apparently, giving out Cubs championship rings to people not normally found on the standard list of recipients didn’t stop there.

The Cubs, is a classy move, provided Rick Renteria, their manager in 2014, with a World Series ring according to Chicago White Sox chairman, Jerry Reinsdorf. Renteria was fired by the Cubs after only one season when Joe Maddon became available by exercising an opt-out clause in his contract with Rays after the 2014 baseball season.

Former Cubs manager Dale Sveum and former general manager Jim Hendry were also given Cubs World series rings.

“I thought it was pretty classy of them,’’ Reinsdorf said. “And I thought giving one to (Steve) Bartman was nice, too. Bartman got a bad rap. I’ve seen the video over and over again. There were three or four other guys reaching for that ball, too. He happened to be the poor soul who touched it”.

Perhaps the Cubs organization is making up for lost time since this was their first World Series ring ever issued, because the last time they won a world series, the concept of handing out championship rings wasn’t even invented yet.

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