July 29, 2017

He’s definitely a huge Cubs fan, but also must be a fan of championship rings too:

Cubs 2016 World Series Ring tattoo

A Chicago Cubs fan dedicated not only his back but also his entire head to show off his favorite team’s 2016 achievement.

David Eagan recently got a tattoo on the top of his head of the 2016 World Series Championship ring.

Earlier in April, he covered his entire back with a Wrigley Field tattoo.

Eagan explained that his tattoos are a sense of pride for him.

There aren’t too many people walking around with tattoos of championship rings but yes, there are a few out there who do.

Although I’m one of the biggest championship ring enthusiasts on the planet, I can’t imagine you’ll ever see championship ring tattoos on me. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Great job David! I hope the Cubs win more World Series Rings so you can add some more tattoos!

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