July 22, 2017

The tweet below, made the rounds recently on Twitter. Posted by an obvious Vikings fan, was this a good idea or does it add fuel to the fire?

Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship rings

My championship ring blog often mentions the AFC and NFC championship rings that are awarded to the teams that loose the Super Bowl. In fact, if you visit my home page, you can click on the Super Bowl ring link and see every winning Super Bowl ring along with the AFC or NFC championship ring awarded for each football season.

I love the NFC and AFC rings and happily collect each and everyone I can acquire.

There’s nothing wrong with these “runner-up” rings, however, keep in mind they are always smaller and contain less bring than their winning Super Bowl ring counterparts.

In the never-ending feuds or teasing that goes on with fans of each NFL team, those fans of teams with plenty of Super Bowl rings love to ridicule the fans who’s franchise has zero.

So when VikeFans made the tweet above, while showing that his team does have four NFC championship rings and zero Super Bowl rings, he might possibly get blasted and reminded that his team is still looking for their first Super Bowl ring.

How do the readers feel about this? Was this a good tweet, or should VikeFans have kept quiet and just enjoyed his four NFC rings all to himself?

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