July 14, 2017

I’m not going to lie, championship ring stories are slow this week, so it’s time to show a little Super Bowl ring humor:

Super Bowl ring humor - Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl rings

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Super Bowl rings (6 of them) than any other NFL organization; and their loyal fans love to remind followers of other NFL teams of this.

Much of the Super Bowl ring humor I across is mean-spirited, and I try not to offend anyone so I avoid showing it. However, the one above was done in good taste and it won’t offend anyone. Even a little good-natured poking fun is acceptable now and then (as you will see below in a moment).

While the Cowboys and 49ers continue to be stuck on five Super Bowl rings, the new-to-this-club, Patriots seem to be in high-gear and are actually favored this year to win their franchise record-tying sixth Super Bowl ring.

Until Brandy and Belichick retire, there’s no telling where the Patriots could wind up in a few short years when counting winning Super Bowl rings.

So Steeler fans can enjoy their unequaled success for a little while longer, and continue to wear the shirt below for now:

Super Bowl ring humor - Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl rings

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