July 11, 2017

The photo below is a rare glimpse into each and every Super Bowl ring; and how the newest ones stack up against each other in size:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Every single Super Bowl Ring

That’s some photograph! What you’re looking at is a set of NFL salesman sample championship rings from every single Super Bowl. Astute championship ring enthusiasts might notice that the Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring is sitting in the Giants Super Bowl XXV slot and vice versa.

The NFL has a few sets of these Super Bowl rings and house complete sets at: NFL Headquarters, The Pro Football HOF, The Traveling Super Bowl exhibit, located at each Super Bowl’s host city leading up to the annual big game, and finally, one more set at the permanent NFL exhibit located in Times Square New York City.

What I marvel most is that fans of Super Bowl rings can finally see how the latest rings compare in size. As readers of this championship blog know, I own just about every single super bowl ring, but I’m missing the last two. The frustrating part of missing the last one or two, is that you rarely get to see them side-by-side other championship rings to compare size.

In the photo above, it now becomes clear how large the Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring is and how close in size the Patriots last two Super Bowl rings are to each other in size. You can also see how the Steelers Super Bowl XL ring and Cots XLI rings are smaller than most of the Super Bowl rings made around that time.

Other small championship rings shown are the Seahawks and Saints championship rings but keep in mind the first winning ring for an NFL franchise does run smaller than subsequent Super Bowl rings the teams earn. While the Packer’s last Super Bowl ring shown looks small, keep in mind, that’s the only Super Bowl ring in the run made of solid platinum, which is heavier and more costly than gold.

The championship rings shown in the photograph lack real diamonds, and instead, use man-made and inexpensive cubic zirconias.

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