June 29, 2017

Knowledgeable Championship Ring Collectors Can See The Inaccuracies Right Away. Can You?

Denver Broncos Super Bowl rings

The promotional piece shown above was on the internet recently. Does it imply that Diamond Cutters International, manufactured all three official Super Bowl rings of the Denver Broncos?

While Diamond Cutters International did in fact craft the Broncos first Super Bowl ring (shown on the far left), the Broncos used Jostens to make their last two Super Bowl rings.

Jostens, Balfour, and Tiffany have all made numerous Super Bowl rings for NFL teams over the years. Diamond Cutters made a Super Bowl rings for the Cowboys (Super Bowl XXX) and the Broncos (Super Bowl XXXII). I don’t recall them making any other Super Bowl rings.

Of all the Super Bowl rings I come in contact with, the most difficult one to authenticate is the Broncos Super Bowl XXXII ring. The reason is that the sides of the rings contain engraving that in my opinion is very sub-standard when compared to Jostens, Tiffany, and Balfour championship rings. Frankly, in my humble opinion, the Broncos Super Bowl XXXII ring looks like it’s a copy and not a real Super Bowl ring. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, that the following season, when the Broncos repeated as Super Bowl champions, they switched championship ring manufacturers to Jostens. Then the Broncos stayed with Jostens again for their latest Super Bowl ring.

Shown below is a photograph of the first two Broncos Super Bowl rings. The championship ring on the left was made by Diamond Cutters International. The championship ring on the right was made one year later by Jostens. In your opinion, which Super Bowl ring looks nicer? Could you see where someone could think the Super Bowl XXXII ring on the left is a copy and not original? Keep in mind, the ring on the left is not worn-down; every single Super Bowl XXXII ring I’ve seen looks like this.

Denver Broncos Superbowl rings

The middle Super Bowl ring shown in the Diamond Cutters International ring is not the Broncos official Super Bowl ring made by Jostens. It’s close, but the little diamonds in the horse heads give away that it is not the official ring.

The Super Bowl ring on the far right in the promotional photo is way off, and again not a Jostens Super Bowl ring. The authentic Super Bowl ring from Super Bowl 50 is shown below:

Denver Broncos Super Bowl rings

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