June 28, 2017

Actor and famous bad-boy, Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s the current owner of Yankee-great Babe Ruth’s original 1927 World Series ring that is currently being auctioned.

Charlie Sheen 1927 Babe Ruth 1927 Yankee World Series ring

In addition to the iconic championship ring, Sheen is also selling in the same auction, the contract that sent Ruth from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees way back in 1919. The two items are expected to sell for more than $1 million in total. Bidding closes this Friday at the auction company Lelands.com.

“I’ve enjoyed these incredible items for more than two decades and the time has come,” Sheen told ESPN on Monday. “Whatever price it brings is gravy.”

Sheen told ESPN he doesn’t remember how much he paid for the Ruth items. Josh Evans, owner of Lelands, and a long-time trusted sports memorabilia advisor for Sheen, is the person who sold the items to Sheen originally.

As of Tuesday morning, 20 bids were placed on Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring, with the highest amount at $611,590, which, according to ESPN, means this will become the highest-priced championship ring ever sold. Ruth won the World Series seven times. The first three with the Red Sox, the last four with the Yankees. Although the 1927 title was his fourth World Series championship, this is the first World Series ring Ruth was awarded as the practice of handing out championship rings were not common before 1927. Ruth earned two more World Series rings after 1927, so this is truly Ruth’s first World Series ring.

Fifteen bids were placed on the historic contract—the highest being $379,749. The Red Sox’s copy of the six-page deal sold in 2004 for $996,000.

Lelands states that the 1927 Ruth World Series ring “without a doubt the finest piece” of anything they have sold in 50 years. And the as for the contract, Lelands proclaims it “changed the game of baseball, the world of sports, and our world, simultaneously.”

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