June 19, 2017

This Blog’s covered the newest Patriot Super Bowl ring in enough detail, it’s time to move on. Before we do, look at the photo I found on the internet over the weekend:

Bill Belichick's Ten Championship rings and Super Bowl rings

While most NFL football fans are not enamored with Bill Belichick and the Patriots, this is a championship ring blog, so when this photograph appeared recently on Twitter, I knew this blog needed to write about it.

It was taken at the same time another version hit the internet recently. However this version shows Bill’s ten championship rings in focus.

You can clearly see eight of his championship rings in the photo – six winning Super Bowl rings, and two Patriot AFC rings (awarded when the Patriots played in the Super Bowl but lost).

The two remaining rings are hard to see, however I can point them out: The ring in the lower middle, that’s yellow gold, is hard to see. It’s his first Championship ring with the Pats. It’s from the 1996 season when the Patriots lost to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI. Bill Parcels was the head coach and Bill Belichick was the defensive coordinator.

The other hard-to-see Super Bowl ring in the photo is all the way on the right, where you can only see the side of the ring. It’s the Giants Super Bowl XXV ring, where once again, Parcells was the head coach and Belichick was the defensive coordinator.

The only other Super Bowl ring in the photo that’s not a Patriots championship ring is on the far left – the Giants Super Bowl XXI ring, where Belichick was again the defensive coordinator.

Not only is Belichick a great coach, but as you can see in the photo, he’s very organized and symmetrical. The Giant Super Bowl rings are bookends for the other championship rings and that first Patriots championship ring where Belichick wasn’t the head coach is on the outside of the core of his other championship rings.

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