June 16, 2017

I just finished another comprehensive article for the fantastic publication, Gridiron Greats Magazine. If you don’t subscribe, check it out and support one of the best periodicals in the hobby:

How to spot problems in authentic championship rings

While I touch on many themes on my championship ring blogs at this website, my repeating column in Gridiron Greats Magazine, allows me to chance to dive much further into analysis and details on the subject of championship rings.

Visit their website (a link is below) and sign up for a subscription. You’ll learn in the upcoming issue how to avoid problems when acquiring authentic championship rings. This was the second half of a two part article, the first half, published in the last magazine, dealt with fake rings and how to spot them.

How to spot fake championship rings

In the upcoming article, I provide advice on what to look for in authentic rings that could cost you many thousands of dollars in losses if you’re not careful. Want to know what’s wrong with these two authentic championship rings shown below? Get a subscription to Gridiron Greats Magazine to find out:

How to spot authentic championship rings with problems

To order a subscription to this great magazine, please visit their website: gridirongreatsmagazine.com

Always remember, I buy authentic championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring and have complete privacy in the transaction, please contact me.

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