June 14, 2017

Until someone like me, acquires the Super Bowl LI ring, and photographs it along side the Patriots other championship rings, the photo below will be the best clue as to how much larger the new Super Bowl ring is:

Patriots Super Bowl XLI and XLIX rings

Championship rings are hard to determine how large or massive they are when examining photographs. That’s because the camera plays tricks with the eye. Championship rings slightly in the background, appear smaller than they actually are, and championship ring manufacturers can thin-out a ring, making them larger, while using less gold.

The photograph shown above was slightly manipulated by me. I removed the player’s middle finger so I could get the two Pats Super Bowl rings side by side. This photograph is useful in that it reveals that the latest Super Bowl ring is larger than the Super Bowl XLIX ring. Weighing the two rings, since Jostens no longer releases the gram weights of their Super Bowl rings, will be helpful in determining the size difference, as the Patriots Super Bowl LI ring, while taller, looks narrower than its predecessor. So who knows which one contains more 10k solid gold?

The photo below, was done by me with a Super Bowl XLIX ring on the left that I own, and the LI ring on the right that I merged together to make them appear side-by-side. Please keep in mind, I scaled them to what I think is accurate. However, it’s just a guess, perhaps the newer ring is even larger when compared to the Super Bowl XLIX ring, or it could be smaller.

Patriots Super Bowl XLI and XLIX rings

The photo below was also done by me, and it’s the Pats first four Super Bowl rings. Because they were photographed at the same distance, the photo clearly shows the size of each Super Bowl ring accurately.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Patriots All Super Bowl rings

Someday I hope to take a similar picture, but with the new Super Bowl LI ring included. When the new one is weighted and photographed, we’ll know for sure how it compares.

Until then, please remember I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring, in complete privacy, please contact me.

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