June 13, 2017

Getting details and quality photos of the Atlanta Falcons new championship rings may take a while:

Falcons 2016 NFC championship ring

Like the Patriots who were awarded their massive Super Bowl rings on Friday, the Atlanta Falcons received their NFC Championship rings too.

As you would expect, the Falcons NFC championship rings don’t compare to New England’s in size and bling. As readers of my championship ring blog know, the team that looses the super bowl receives either an NFC or AFC championship ring as a consolation.

While the manner in which the Falcons lost the Super Bowl will no doubt leave a bitter taste in their mouth, it’s not surprising that the Falcons PR department did not publicize details about the championship rings, or show in photographs the details and sides of their NFC championship ring. I’m glad the organization decided to keep with tradition and award championship rings and not silly watches as the Colts did after Super Bowl III and the Steelers did after Super Bowl XLV.

If anyone can send a link to better photographs of this championship ring or further details such as the type of gold, weight and number of diamonds, I’d be grateful and will share it with the readers of this blog.

Please remember, as always, if you are looking to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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