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The 2016 Los Angeles Sparks 2016 WNBA Championship Rings

May 31, 2017

Seeing this stunning Championship Ring was love at first sight as it’s design is absolutely magnificent:

2016 Los Angeles Sparks 2016 Championship Rings

2016 Sparks Championship Rings

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Sparks who earlier this month received their amazing 2016 WNBA Championship Rings.

I would have written about this earlier but I just found out about this championship ring.

Here are some details:

  • The championship ring was made by Baron Championship Rings, not Jostens.

  • The 10 diamonds located at the bottom of the ring (see lower right photograph) represent the 10 days it took to purchase the team.

  • The Team slogans “We Are” and “We Rise” are stamped inside each ring

  • The 20th season logo and the LA Skyline and Season Record are etched on one side of the championship ring

  • There are 20 diamonds that represent 20 years of Sparks Basketball

  • Four Purple Stones Represent 4 Western Conference Championships

  • The championship ring also shows the LA Skyline and the Staples Center, Galen Center, and the Hollywood Hills

  • The championship ring contains 3 black diamonds that represent the 3 WNBA championship titles the team has earned

  • One large diamond is on the side of the ring that represents the 2016 WNBA championship

  • The championship ring contains over 80 grams of solid gold and over 2 carats of real diamonds

  • The championship ring comes with a wood presentation box with custom etching and engraving

Here’s a Link to the Barons video that shows the making of this magnificent championship ring:

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Now That’s A Championship Ring!

May 30, 2017

Who says College Football Programs Always Get the Biggest & Best Championship Rings?

Florida Gators Championship Ring

Congratulations to Layne Weitzel, and the other members of the Florida Gators Swim team. Their championship rings are gorgeous, blinged out, and huge!

I happen to love the Florida Gators logo. Perhaps the designers of this championship ring could have added some color to the iconic logo on the top of the championship ring. But none the less, the Gold-colored “F” does give the championship ring some needed color. (I really miss the days of gold-colored championship rings).

As you know, if you read my blog on championship rings, College and High School championship rings are not made of real solid gold or with real diamonds. That’s prohibited by the NCAA and impractical for High School sports budgets.

Even though the championship ring shown above is made with a base metal and cubic zirconia imitation diamonds, this ring looks incredible and rivals any Collegiate football championship ring in size and style.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in privacy, please contact me.

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Babe Ruth 1927 World Series Ring Auction Comes Out Swinging

May 28, 2017

With 33 days left to go in the auction, one thing’s for certain – This Championship ring is going to break some records:

Babe Ruth 1927 World Series Ring

Most internet auctions don’t run for over 30 days, but this is no ordinary auction. Words can’t describe how special this Babe Ruth 1927 World Series ring is and how it would be the highlight of anyone’s sports memorabilia collection.

Please note, I’m not affiliated with the auction house Lelands, or this Championship ring. I’m just hear to blog about championship rings.

The reason I write that this auction came out swinging and that it will beak some records, is simple: although the auction is in it’s infancy, it already has had 13 bids and with a starting bid of $100,000 that’s an impressive amount of activity. Even more astonishing, with 33 days to go, the Yankee World Series ring is already at $313,842.00!

With Wagner T206 Baseball cards in very good quality, regularly breaking the million dollar mark and this championship ring being a lot rarer than those tobacco cards, there’s a good chance this World Series ring could break the million dollar ceiling.

I recall two championship rings selling for over $200,000 at auction, Lawrence Taylor’s Giants Super Bowl XXV ring, and William Perry’s (The Fridge) Super Bowl XX ring. This championship ring has already reached a bid of around 50% more than those rings.

I’m hoping that this sale and media coverage, helps championship ring values to climb again as many championship rings are now selling for less money than just a few years ago.

One small but perhaps insightful clue that championship ring values could climb as a result of this auction is that a well known collector contacted me after my recent blog about this Ruth World Series ring. Besides picking my brain on 1927 Yankee World Series rings, he was fascinated by the fact that I had a player World Series ring from this year.

He told me he wanted to buy it and would make me a very strong offer. I didn’t even tell him who’s World Series ring I had but I had to tell him a couple of times it was not for sale. If you know this person, than you know he does not blow smoke like some other’s in our hobby; he has the funds to buy anything (and I mean anything) he wants.

Please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. Err, except this Ruth ring as it is way over my budget! If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Grambling State Football Team Gets Championship Rings

May 26, 2017

If Grambling’s newest Championship Rings look familiar, it’s because their design was probably made from a modified mold of the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII rings.

2016 Grambling State National Championship Rings

After an outstanding 2016 football season culminating in a National Championship, the Gambling State University football team has been awarded their 2016 Championship rings.

As you can see from the photos above, Grambling’s stunning championship ring shares the same design characteristics as the Ravens second Super Bowl Ring.

“This ring symbolizes that the old Grambling is back,” said running back Martez Carter, 23, a senior on the team. Monroe, Louisiana. “To be a part of the era that restored it means a lot to me. I can’t really describe the excitement that we have to finally receive our championship rings.”

We rarely hear about the hardships for a non division 3 schools, when trying to purchase championship rings for an entire team and staff. Calvin Braxton, an alumnus of LSU, and a former board member of Southern University System Board of Supervisors, graciously donated $30,000 to help cover the cost of these stunning championship rings.

As we’ve witnessed over the last decade or two, Jostens does reuse their championship ring molds and designs for newer championship rings. While a player’s Super Bowl ring is made of solid gold and authentic diamonds, a college or high school championship ring isn’t.

That means that huge High School and College championship rings can rival the size, style, and bling of a Super Bowl ring, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

While a player Super Bowl ring could cost $30,000 to craft each one, a run of 60 championship rings or more on the College level (think about the staff that’s included too and it could be more than 60 rings) would be around $30,000 for the entire run.

Please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. If you would like to sell your championship ring, please contact me.

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A Championship Ring Auction Where No One Wins

May 25, 2017

The sadness of families fighting with one another over valuable heirlooms is once again in the spotlight as Willie Stargell’s 1979 World Series Ring and some of his other prized memorabilia comes to auction:

Wilie Stargell 1979 World Series Ring

The AP is reporting that the family of Pittsburgh Pirate and baseball Hall of Famer, Willie Stargell is hurt and angry that his widow is selling his memorabilia. The prized items include his 1979 World Series ring and his National League MVP award. There are other Stargell items in the upcoming auction too.

The auction is being run by well known sports memorabilia company, SCP Auctions. The sale started Wednesday according to the Post-Gazette. The items were consigned to SCP by his second wife, Margaret Weller-Stargell.

Dolores Stargell, who was married to Willie Stargell and was his first wife, stated that her children and grandchildren weren’t told about the auction. She explained that her family was “completely blindsided” by the SCP auction and that her anger was “released” when she learned of it.

Dolores’s daughter is handicapped and her son, a Gulf War veteran, suffers from post-traumatic syndrome. To make matters even sadder, she stated that the family is living in poverty.

In a letter posted on Facebook that Dolores helped her children write, she stated, “Dad would want the accomplishments of his lifetime achievements to be on display and enjoyed by all, as opposed to sitting in someone’s basement collecting dust.”

Often it’s not reported about the anger, hurt, and mistrust that families go through selling championship rings; especially when assets are left to second wives or second families, while other family members are left out.

Sadly, this happens way too often. It appears that Willie Stargell’s second wife has legal title to these items and has the right to sell them.

Margaret Weller-Stargell said “Willie made the decision years before his death that he wanted these items left to me because I know that he trusted me to do what was in the best interests of both a game that he loved, the Pirates organization and its fans that he honored and respected”.

Margaret Weller-Stargell will donate some of the proceeds to charity. That will include a dialysis machine at a Wilmington, North Carolina, hospital and the kidney disease foundation that was started in Willie’s name. She will receive the rest of the money from the auction.

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