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Here’s A Super Bowl Ring On eBay To Avoid!

April 28, 2017

The seller boasts “This is an exact duplicate of Michael Strahan’s Super Bowl XLII ring”. You be the judge:

Michael Strahan Super Bowl XLII ring

The photo above shows the current listing on eBay. Opening bid, and thankfully, no one has placed a bid, is $7,500.00. Those that can’t wait, and want to scoop up this Super Bowl ring before anyone else does, can invoke the “Buy It Now” option for a measly $9,750.00.

The seller states the championship ring is made of solid white gold and real diamonds, but rather erroneously, he claims this is an exact duplicate of Michael Strahan’s Super Bowl XLII ring.

Below is a magnified photo of the “Strahan” Super Bowl ring for sale (left side) and an authentic player’s Super Bowl XLII ring (right side). Upon careful examination you can clearly see there are major differences in the design and crafting of the two Super Bowl rings.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Michael Strahan Super Bowl XLII ring

Guess it’s not an exact duplicate of Michael Strahan’s Super Bowl ring after all.

The seller also states he was involved in owning and returning, player Bobby Johnson’s Giants Super Bowl XXI ring. The return of that ring, given back to Bobby Johnson by Bill Parcells, was a news story last year.

Hope Bobby Johnson got his real ring back and not something comparable to the Strahan Super Bowl ring offered above.

Please remember, I buy authentic Super Bowl and championship rings all the time. If you would like to do a private deal, please contact me.

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This Is How Ronnie Lott Stores His Championship Rings?

April 27, 2017

This photograph was recently spotted on Twitter. Is this anyway to house your championship ring collection?

Ronnie Lott Super Bowl and championship rings

I’ve seen photos before of Ronnie Lott’s championship rings, and often they appear inside the makeshift jewelry holder shown above.

This is no way to house his four earned Super Bowl rings, his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring and some other various USC football championship rings.

Looks like those championship rings can get banged around and dented up as they jingle inside this case.

As most championship ring readers already know, Lott is one of the best NFL players of all time. He was ranked as the #11 NFL player of all time by the

He’s a four-time Superbowl champion, as he played on the Forty Niner teams that won Superbowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

Lott is a ten time Pro Bowler and eight time AP First Team All-Pro, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

As I have observed in other photos showing his four Super Bowl rings, Mr. Lott’s Superbowl XXIII ring already appears damaged. Perhaps it happened because of his jewelry case. The large left football shaped marques stone is chipped and broken on top, although in the photo above you can’t see the damage.

I’m not sure if Ronnie knows that Jostens, who made that Super Bowl ring, has a lifetime warranty for championship rings, so he can send the Super Bowl ring to them and they will repair it.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, even ones with some damaged diamonds. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Here Come The Fake Cubs World Series Rings

April 26, 2017

Right on time, eBay sellers are offering cheap replica Cubs 2016 World Series Rings:

Replica and fake Cubs 2016 World Series Rings

I’m not affiliated with any of these knockoff championship rings, or any of the numerous sellers peddling them.

At a $37.97 “Buy It Now” price that even includes free shipping, it would seem this knockoff World Series ring is well worth the price. In fact, those on a budget can find other sellers peddling knockoff Cubs Championship Rings for even less money.

What caught my eye with this championship ring listing, is that the replica World Series ring shown above might actually be the ring for sale.

I say “might” because the championship ring looks too real, but it’s shown with an inexpensive and cheap wood presentation box. It’s possible the championship ring shown was photoshopped into the picture and that the ring shown above is misrepresented as the one for sale. On closer examination of the shanks, it seems that some picture-sharing with a Jostens’ authentic Cubs ring may have been used.

The other eBay offerings, from other sellers are definitely “borrowing” or “stealing” real championship ring pictures so it’s not clear what these inexpensive World Series rings actually look like.

How the Cubs, Jostens, eBay, and Major League Baseball allow these sellers to operate and sell these cheap knockoffs astounds me. Even worse, Jostens and the Cubs are trying to sell tons of championship rings and other jewelry and now choose to compete in the market place with these unscrupulous sellers.

Please remember, I buy authentic championship rings all the time. If you would like complete privacy while selling your championship ring, please contact me.

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The Special Super Bowl Ring at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

April 25, 2017

This photograph recently made the rounds on Twitter. It showcases William Perry’s size 23 Super Bowl Ring:

Chicago Bears & William Perry Superbowl ring

If you visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame, or attend this week’s NFL draft in Philly, you can see exhibits featuring all 50 Super Bowl rings.

Also spotted at the Prof Football Hall of Fame, is the exhibit above, showing some cool memorabilia from the Chicago Bears championship season of 1985.

The photo and exhibit display an actual copy of “The Super Bowl Shuffle” vinyl record. Visit youtube and see the video for yourself. Also in the exhibit is a salesman sample William Perry Super Bowl ring. What makes this super bowl ring so special is that it was the largest Super Bowl ring ever produced (finger size wise, not the largest designed Super Bowl ring awarded to a specific team).

There are many William Perry size 23 salesman sample rings floating around in the hobby. They come up for sale at auctions, memorabilia shows or on eBay. Usually made of 10k solid gold and containing an imitation diamond, they can sell for around $2,500.00.

Please remember, I buy Super bowl rings and championship rings. If you would like complete privacy, and be able to sell your championship ring quickly, please contact me.

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The Championship Ring That Started Special Meanings

April 24, 2017

Ten days ago, I published a fascinating blog about ten hidden details in champion rings and their special meanings. Here’s the championship ring that started this trend:

Special meaning in the Yankees 1953 World Series Ring

If you have not read it, please check out the April 14, 2017 blog; use the search tool on the right and type in “Ten Hidden Details” to find and read that blog entry.

Most of the ten hidden details are just that – championship ring meanings purposely designed into the ring that is symbolic and contains a special meaning to that particular team.

The 1953 Yankee World Series ring shown above, was the first championship ring to be designed with a special meaning. It recognized the first-time (and currently only time) a baseball team won five World Series in a Row.

Back in the 1940s and 1950s Yankee World Series all looked the same. Each time the Yankees won a World Series (or lost a World Series), the only feature to really change on the ring was the year that appeared on the shank (side of the championship ring).

Well, that all changed in 1953, when the Yankees put a “5″ on the top of their World Series ring, to symbolize their impressive achievement of winning five world series rings in a row.

I believe this was the start of symbolisms in championship rings and maybe the Yankees were on to something. Perhaps they realized it was time to make a special championship ring that “broke the mold”. I say that because the following season the Yankees won an impressive 103 games, however they finished way behind the Cleveland Indians who won 111 games. Back then, there were no playoffs other than the World Series, so the Yankees never reached the World Series and get to play for a sixth-in-a-row World Series ring.

While we’ll never know for sure, had the Yankees won a sixth World Series ring, I wonder if championship ring collectors would have another special ring to admire and try to collect – a Yankee World Series ring with a “6″ and a large diamond centered inside the bottom of the “6″.

Please remember, I collect championship rings, so if you would like complete privacy and want to sell your championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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