March 31, 2017

My newest themed Championship Ring Column, the ranking all 50 Super Bowl rings from worst to first continues – We’re now up to number 48:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV ring

The Super Bowl ring shown above is one of my least favorite among the 50. Sooner or later we’ll get the best of the best, but for now we’re starting at the bottom and working our way up.

Before we get into details about the championship ring shown above, I just want to review the ranking process:

The Super Bowl ring ranking has absolutely nothing to do with my affection or non-affection to the team or players the championship ring was awarded to. The ranking of these Super Bowl rings also have nothing to do with the team’s season or the specific title game either. The ranking is based solely on the championship ring design.

Last, I probably don’t spend enough time on many of my championship ring blogs discussing the shanks (sides of the championship rings) but in this ongoing blog series that will contribute to the rankings too.

The Super Bowl ring shown above is the Pittsburgh 1979 Super Bowl XIV ring.

The Steelers became the first team to win a fourth Super Bowl ring. In fact, at the time this championship ring was awarded, their nearest rival in Super Bowl rings were the Packers and Dolphins with only two Super Bowl rings each.

While their Super Bowl XIII ring from the prior season was bold and contained lots of bling and very nice shanks, the Super Bowl ring shown above was a far cry from it. The top contains four large diamonds – one for each Super Bow victory, but this championship ring top lacks style and excitement.

The shanks are boring and lack any recognition of previous Super Bowl victories, doesn’t show a Lombardi Trophy (or four of them) and even the last name was lame (I’ve blocked out the name and jersey number to keep the player’s identity private).

In time, the Cowboys, 49ers, Packers and Patriots would catch up with their own fourth Super Bowl rings and some teams even a fifth. All of those team’s Super Bowl rings look a heck of a lot better. Granted, new Super Bowl rings are larger and contain a lot more bling, but bling was becoming prevalent in this time period as well; just examine the Cowboys Super Bowl XII and Steelers Super Bowl XIII championship rings.

Please keep in mind that I collect Super Bowl rings and acquiring a player’s version of this championship ring was not easy – few of them have been offered to the public. It was an important acquisition and I’m thrilled to own this Super Bowl ring (and from a well known player too). Some Super Bowl rings have to be ranked low and this one in my opinion is one of them. However, it doesn’t take away from the tremendous pride the players, coaching staff, and executives feel when being awarded this or any other Super Bowl ring.

Always remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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