March 28, 2017

I hear that many great football players do the iconic Heisman Pose all the time. Championship Ring collectors are not so different:

Famous Championship Ring poses

The photograph above is a recent gem from Twitter. The poser did a nice job of getting his championship ring placements exactly right. He can even brag that his championship rings are larger than Michael Jordan’s. Twenty years of championship ring growth and evolution will do that every time to the size of championship rings.

Hunter didn’t get the proper head-turn, but he nailed the finger, placing it on his temple in the same spot as Michael Jordan did so many years ago.

This photo brings back memories; a few years ago, the controversial and well known championship ring dealer from Tennessee did another famous “pose”, emulating Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell and seven of his NBA championship rings.

I couldn’t resist, I resized the photo of the ring dealer, and pasted it along side Russell’s famous photo in a similar side by side comparison, just like the photo above.

So if anyone wants to send me a photo of them and some championship rings, where they are copying a famous photograph, I’ll publish it and give them credit.

And just for the record, emulating a famous championship ring picture is something I’ve never done or plan too. It’s not that I wouldn’t want too, it’s just I would probably brake the lens camera!

Meanwhile, please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. If you would like to do a private deal, please contact me.

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