March 27, 2017

Many citizens on both sides of the political spectrum, believe politicians are clueless. Here is quite possibly, proof:

Robert Kraft's Stolen Super Bowl Ring

U.S. Congressman Peter King (not the well-known NFL writer/reporter Peter King) told TMZ last week that he believes the FBI’s recent recovery of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl 51 jersey was “more important than what the FBI Director said about wiretapping and more important than Russia.” Really…. is that what King believes?

It gets even kookier….

King praised FBI Director James Comey for continuing the relentless investigation into the stolen jersey, despite not being a Patriots fan. King said Comey is a “good leader” for directing all that effort in tracking down a valuable jersey for “a guy he hated.”

However, there’s still another open situation: The stolen Super Bowl ring that has yet to be recovered; and this one will be a lot more difficult to get back.

During a meeting in St. Petersburg in 2005, Patriots owner Robert Kraft offered Russian President Vladamir Putin the chance to try on his Super Bowl XXXIX ring. Putin did just that and then after briefly wearing it, proceeded to put the 124-diamond championship ring in his pocket. He never returned the Super Bowl ring to Kraft, claiming he believed it was a gift. Months later, Putin claimed he did not even remember meeting Kraft.

In the TMZ interview, Congressman King declined to comment on the chance that he personally requested President Trump assist him in getting the Super Bowl ring back after their recent plane trip together. Wouldn’t King have just said “No” to the TMZ question if King did not request the President’s help? Also, King called Putin a “thief” and Kraft a “victim.”

King went on to explain that getting the Super Bowl jersey returned to Brady was “a solid first step” and believes that proper teamwork and effort could produce similar results for Kraft’s missing Super Bowl ring.

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