March 20, 2017

Dealer’s asking amounts in the 30 – 50 thousand dollar range or more, for Super Bowl rings could have selling woes after this championship ring sold at auction over the weekend:

Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII ring

This championship ring blog has been writing about falling championship ring prices for a while now, and this weekend’s Lelands auction helps to prove my point.

Tony Casillas, a 12 year NFL veteran and two time Super Bowl champion, saw his Super Bowl ring sell at Lelands on Saturday for $20,713.00. Even more alarming, if you’re rooting for record prices of championship rings, is that the consigner of this ring, probably received around $16,570.40. The consignor probably received this amount because it’s customary for Lelands to keep the 20% percent buyer’s premium cost that gets tacked on to championship rings.

Just this week, I was offered a stunning player Super Bowl ring, for $48,500.00. That’s more than double the price that the Cowboys ring shown above sold for!

One of my favorite features of the Cowboys Super Bowl XXVII ring shown above is the special center diamond located on the top of the ring. That diamond is the only one ever cut into a star-shaped stone in Super Bowl ring history. Although the Cowboys have won five Super Bowl rings, this is the only one with a diamond shaped star!

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