March 17, 2017

While Championship Ring Prices Continue to Fall, Here’s One That Recently Sold That Puzzles Collectors:

Eagles 1980 NFC championship ring goldin auctions

This championship ring blog over the last few months has provided numerous examples of championship rings selling at auction that demonstrate drastically fallen prices.

They continue to fall or remain flat, so don’t think that this recently completed auction, on January 30th, is the start of a new upward pricing trend.

This player NFC championship ring sold for an astonishing $26,950.00! This selling price is about 300% more than these type of player rings typically sell for.

To put the selling price of this NFC championship ring in it’s proper perspective, another player AFC championship ring in the same auction sold for $9,600.00. This is a more expected price.

This Eagles NFC championship ring fetched more money than some winning player Super Bowl rings have in the last year. Keep in mind winning Super Bowl rings are much larger, contain more bling and are much more desired.

I could understand the price, had the player, Leroy Harris been a Hall of Famer or star of the team, but the season the Eagles earned their trip to the Super Bowl, Harris put up mediocre numbers and only played in the league for five seasons. Harris was an average player at best. He never made a pro bowl and was a 5th round pick in the draft.

Congratulations goes out to Goldin Auctions, they certainly have bragging rights for selling this championship ring at the price it achieved.

The only way I could see this championship ring selling for the amount it did is if Leroy Harris wanted his championship ring back and would pay any price, and a bidding war erupted. Or, perhaps two Eagles fans got into a bidding war.

As we have seen time and time again, the next time the winner of this auction decides to sell this championship ring at auction, it very much could wind up selling for a more normal price of $7,000 – $10,000. Why the huge drop off? Because it takes two people who have no idea what these championship rings sell for, and who each have lots of money to drive up the price.

Thankfully, it’s a rare occurrence when multiple bidders with no idea what something should sell for, meet up in a championship ring auction.

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