March 16, 2017

The phone rang yesterday and on the line was an old friend who had sold me championship rings in the past. He thought he had a deal for me that was too good to pass up; until I did…

don't buy championship rings like this

My pal, who buys and sells all kinds of items across many different hobbies and industries, explained he had a friend who had bought championship rings for years and was ready to unload his collection now! The only requirement was that I buy all 95 of the championship rings. My pal was very excited and told me he would send me pictures to my phone right away of these championship rings.

We all have are quirks, and I know I have plenty of them, but my pal loves to talk, constantly interrupts and never allows anyone to get a word in.

This time I had to speak up and I made sure to tell him, I’d be interested in some championship rings but not all of them! My pal said that his associate was shopping them around and quite a few potential buyers wanted to cherry pick the good ones from the not-so-good championship rings and that this seller wanted one deal – best offer wins.

So, trying as hard as I could, I finally got my point across. I explained that if I received pictures of 95 championship rings, with little or no explanation, and I averaged 5 questions per ring (such as player or non player, gold-type, diamonds or cz’s, paperwork from original owner or no paperwork) that would be around 475 questions!

Having done this as long as I have, flags go up when sellers want to unload quickly and privately, and sell one big lot, not individual championship rings. And finally, and most importantly, when a ring dealer or seller, can’t provide 100% verifiable proof that the ring was sold legally with documentation from the original owner, it’s just better to pass. These transactions, sometimes will come back to bite you, when the police call to take away your championship ring because the original owner has a police report stating the ring was stolen.

Police reports and stolen property, don’t usually have an expiration date, so often you’re out of luck.

I love buying championship rings, and I am known to give very strong and fair payments, however, I don’t want to buy 95 rings in one purchase and be forced to buy championship rings I don’t want.

Please don’t contact me for the name or names of the people from this blog story who are peddling these championship rings; that’s a private matter. My pal, knows he makes it hard to get a word in so he’s not offended, and I intend to buy more championship rings from him, just not under these conditions.

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