March 13, 2017

Thanks to two readers of this championship ring blog, the mystery of the origin of this ring is solved:

NFL Super Bowl Ring

Brad H., a championship ring enthusiast from Estevan Saskatchewan, and Oliver, the championship ring collector from Canada, provided answers on where this NFL Super Bowl ring came from. I had no idea about this championship ring and asked the readers of this blog for help.

Brad wrote, “I believe that it was originally created for a promo that was ran before super bowl 51, a promo called The Ring‘”.

Brad even provided a youtube link: The video is outstanding, especially if you’re a championship ring enthusiast. After watching the video, sure enough, that NFL Super Bowl ring is featured in the video. Check it out if you haven’t already seen it.

Oliver added, “The NFL shield super bowl ring was used for the opening intro of super bowl 51. The purpose of the ring as to show the TV audience what the players were playing for. The NFL Championship in other words. Hence the shield logo on the ring.”.

The many reader’s of this championship blog are a huge help; and special thanks to Brad and Oliver for shedding light on where this NFL Super Bowl ring came from.

I wonder if a Super Bowl ring hat version could be in the works!

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