February 21, 2017

The New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl ring this month with their miraculous comeback in Super Bowl LI. To celebrate the victory, head coach Bill Belichick bought himself a new boat.

Bill Belichick Super Bowl rings boat

Bill Belichick is know for a lot of things – mostly, as possibly the greatest football coach ever. He’s also known to enjoy boating and for renaming his vessel every time he adds a Super Bowl ring to his growing collection.

This championship ring blog has chronicled the changes over the last few years and right on schedule coach Belichick has again made some alterations.

First he donated his old ship, called “VI Rings” to Sail Newport, a non-profit educational charity. That boat, used to go by the name “V” rings but that was before the Head Coach won another Super Bowl ring with another improbable victory over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Belichick’s latest boat is shown above and even though he has yet to get the newest Super Bowl ring on his finger (figure it will be ready around June), the legendary coach wasted no time in upgrading his ship’s name.

Bill Belichick has two winning Super Bowl rings from his days as the defensive coordinator with the New York Giants, and of course five Super Bowl rings has head coach with the Pats. He also has three AFC championship rings from three Super Bowl losses (two as the head coach and one as a defensive coordinator).

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