February 20, 2017

Looks like Steeler fans still have bragging rights – No NFL team besides Pittsburgh can claim ownership to six Super Bowl rings:

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl tee shirts

Charles Haley used to be the only NFL player in history to have won five Super Bowl rings as a player, and now he has company in that extremely rare category, as Tom Brady joined this club this month.

Perhaps next year, the Steelers too, will have exclusive company, as Tom Brady and his New England Patriots attempt to match the Steelers franchise with their own sixth Super Bowl ring.

Meanwhile, all the Patriot haters out there, and of course the Pittsburgh Steelers, can take joy in, and perhaps buy the tee shirt listed above. The tee shirt proudly shows that the Patriots are still behind the Steelers in Super Bowl rings.

The tee shirt smartly lists each Super Bowl the Steelers have won while promoting an internet web site too. The designer of this tee shirt avoided any copyright issues as the team and official Super Bowl logos are not used to get the message across in a very clear way.

Finally, you can see an asterisk inside the “5″. I’m not sure if there is a dig on the shirt, perhaps on the back, about how the Pats may have not deserved all five Super Bowl rings due to some fans claiming the Pats cheated. I’m staying neutral and not getting involved in that debate.

If anyone has more information on these Super Bowl shirts and if there’s a meaning of the asterisk, and where to buy them, I’ll update this blog story.

Meanwhile, please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you want to do a private deal and sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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