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The Top 50 Super Bowl Rings Ranked

February 27, 2017

Here’s my newest themed Championship Ring Column – the ranking all 50 Super Bowl rings from worst to first: We’re now up to number 49:

Top 50 Super Bowl rings of all time

The Super Bowl ring shown above is absolutely one of my least favorite among the 50. Sooner or later we’ll get the best of the best, but for now we’re starting at the bottom and working our way up.

Before we get into details about the championship ring shown above, I just want to review the ranking process:

The Super Bowl ring ranking has absolutely nothing to do with my affection or non-affection to the team or players the championship ring was awarded to. The ranking of these Super Bowl rings also have nothing to do with the team’s season or the specific title game either. The ranking is based solely on the championship ring design.

Last, I probably do not spend enough time on many of my championship ring blogs discussing the shanks (sides of the championship rings) but in this ongoing blog series that will contribute to the rankings too.

The Super Bowl ring shown above is the Miami Dolphins 1973 Super Bowl VIII ring.

What a difference a year makes it! The previous season, the Dolphins were the only and still are the only team in NFL history (since the merger) to go undefeated in both the regular season and the playoffs. While their first one, the Super Bowl VII ring is quite nice, the championship ring we are discussing today is much lower on my rankings.

The major issue I have with this championship ring is the silly looking gold oval shape item that is clearly seen beneath the two large diamonds. Obviously the two diamonds symbolize the two Super Bowl championships, but that piece of metal really makes the top of the Super Bowl ring look odd.

Next, the two sides: While the Dolphin logo is nicely done in team colors using enamel paint, the other side of that Super Bowl ring is not up to par. The Lombardi trophy looks terrific, but the two flags or banners on the ring just do not look good.

One of my favorite features of this Super Bowl ring (see I found something positive) is rarely seen in championship rings but is a very nice touch: Each recipient’s championship ring contains a replica of their unique signature inside the band of the ring.

Please keep in mind that I collect Super Bowl rings and acquiring a player’s version of this championship ring was not easy – few of them have been offered to the public. It was an important acquisition and I’m thrilled to own this Super Bowl ring. Some Super Bowl rings have to be ranked low and this one in my opinion is one of them. However, it doesn’t take away from the tremendous pride the players, coaching staff, and executives feel when being awarded this or any other Super Bowl ring.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Len Bias’ 1984 ACC Championship Ring Comes To Auction

February 24, 2017

The 1984 Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championship ring, show below, was awarded to Len Bias. It’s for sale in an upcoming Heritage auction:

Len Bias championship ring

If your a big fan of Maryland men’s basketball, and not happy about their chances of winning this year’s Big Ten Conference regular-season championship, at least you can get out your checkbook and buy this championship ring.

Heritage Auctions has begun the bidding on this 1984 Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championship ring presented to former star Len Bias. This league title was the first and only of former coach Lefty Driesell’s Terps career.

Len Bias led Maryland in the ACC final against Duke with 26 points, shooting 12 out of 17 from the field. “I came here with something to prove,” Bias said. “I didn’t get named to any of the All-ACC teams, first or second team. I wanted people to know that I could play and do it in big games.” The Terps advanced to the regional semifinal in the 1984 NCAA tournament, and Bias continued his climb.

He was named a second-team All-American as a junior and a first-team All-American as a senior. Just two days after he was taken No. 2 overall in the 1986 NBA draft by the Celtics, Bias tragically died in his dormitory building from a cocaine overdose.

According to Heritage Auctions, Bias’ championship ring contains “a red stone on the face with golden ‘ACC’ lettering with two concentric bands of raised text at the perimeter reading, ’1984 Maryland Basketball Atlantic Coast Conference Champions.’ ” The interior band measures to a size 9 1/2, and the ring weighs 20 grams.

The auction house estimates the value of the championship ring at over $10,000, while ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell commented that he expects it to sell for around $15,000.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you would like complete privacy, please contact me to sell your championship ring.

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The Changing Prices of Championship Rings

February 22, 2017

Before negotiating your next championship ring acquisition, it may be a good time to study and reevaluate current market prices of championship rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Rams Super Bowl XXXIV player ring

Some dealers will not be pleased with the results of recent auction sales data of championship rings. Even player Super Bowl rings, from the modern age, where championship rings became huge and full of bling have fallen in price.

One dealer I know from Southern California, will do fine – he’ll price his championship rings for sale at realistic prices as he always does and will adjust to the market. Other dealers may do things differently and decide to hold on to older pricing trends, hoping to lure a buyer who’s not up on recent pricing trends or someone who simply has so much money they don’t care.

The player Super Bowl ring shown above, from the great website shows a recent sale and illustrates the trend I’m seeing in Super Bowl rings and championship rings.

The St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXIV player ring is in terrific condition and comes with 157 real diamonds and weighs a hefty 64 grams. With the buyer’s fees, the ring sold for $23,900. Think of that for a moment. Of all the thousands of sports memorabilia collectors across the country, and hundreds of championship ring buyers, not a single one of them was willing to outbid the final price and acquire this gorgeous Super Bowl ring.

The auction took place in November at Heritage auctions. Love Heritage auctions or hate them, no one can deny they are huge, send out thousands of catalogs, and market their upcoming auctions very well. That means no one can make the claim that this Super Bowl ring flew under the radar and that was the reason it sold for the price that it did.

The sad part of this auction result, is if the auction house took a 30% selling fee on this championship ring, than the consigner walked away with less than $17,000. If the consigner was able to pay a 20% fee, they still walked away with $19,120.

Please remember I buy championship rings at realistic prices. If you would like to do a deal in complete privacy and sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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Bill Belichick Has a New Boat And It Has a New Name

February 21, 2017

The New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl ring this month with their miraculous comeback in Super Bowl LI. To celebrate the victory, head coach Bill Belichick bought himself a new boat.

Bill Belichick Super Bowl rings boat

Bill Belichick is know for a lot of things – mostly, as possibly the greatest football coach ever. He’s also known to enjoy boating and for renaming his vessel every time he adds a Super Bowl ring to his growing collection.

This championship ring blog has chronicled the changes over the last few years and right on schedule coach Belichick has again made some alterations.

First he donated his old ship, called “VI Rings” to Sail Newport, a non-profit educational charity. That boat, used to go by the name “V” rings but that was before the Head Coach won another Super Bowl ring with another improbable victory over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Belichick’s latest boat is shown above and even though he has yet to get the newest Super Bowl ring on his finger (figure it will be ready around June), the legendary coach wasted no time in upgrading his ship’s name.

Bill Belichick has two winning Super Bowl rings from his days as the defensive coordinator with the New York Giants, and of course five Super Bowl rings has head coach with the Pats. He also has three AFC championship rings from three Super Bowl losses (two as the head coach and one as a defensive coordinator).

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you would like to maintain your privacy and sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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In The World Of Super Bowl Rings, The Empire Strikes Back

February 20, 2017

Looks like Steeler fans still have bragging rights – No NFL team besides Pittsburgh can claim ownership to six Super Bowl rings:

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl tee shirts

Charles Haley used to be the only NFL player in history to have won five Super Bowl rings as a player, and now he has company in that extremely rare category, as Tom Brady joined this club this month.

Perhaps next year, the Steelers too, will have exclusive company, as Tom Brady and his New England Patriots attempt to match the Steelers franchise with their own sixth Super Bowl ring.

Meanwhile, all the Patriot haters out there, and of course the Pittsburgh Steelers, can take joy in, and perhaps buy the tee shirt listed above. The tee shirt proudly shows that the Patriots are still behind the Steelers in Super Bowl rings.

The tee shirt smartly lists each Super Bowl the Steelers have won while promoting an internet web site too. The designer of this tee shirt avoided any copyright issues as the team and official Super Bowl logos are not used to get the message across in a very clear way.

Finally, you can see an asterisk inside the “5″. I’m not sure if there is a dig on the shirt, perhaps on the back, about how the Pats may have not deserved all five Super Bowl rings due to some fans claiming the Pats cheated. I’m staying neutral and not getting involved in that debate.

If anyone has more information on these Super Bowl shirts and if there’s a meaning of the asterisk, and where to buy them, I’ll update this blog story.

Meanwhile, please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you want to do a private deal and sell your championship ring, please let me know.

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