January 18, 2017

The photo below shows Greene with his four Steeler Super Bowl rings, each earned as a player. He was awarded two additional Super Bowl rings while employed in the Steelers executive office:

Joe Greene and his Steeler Super Bowl rings

Joe Greene owns six Steeler Super Bowl Rings. Every football fan knows he won four when he was a player and was one of the most dominant defensive players to ever play professional football.

Outside the Rooney family, Greene is only one of four people to have earned Super Bowl rings from all six Steeler Super Bowl titles. That’s an amazing achievement.

One of the best Super Bowl ring quotes I’ve heard came from Greene, who famously said “You can go to a bank and borrow money. But you can’t go to a bank and borrow a Super Bowl ring. The ring is like a crown.”

Greene, after retiring from professional football, spent one year in 1982, as a television analyst for CBS and then became an assistant coach for the Steelers. He stayed with the team for 16 seasons and then moved on to coaching positions with the Dolphins and later the Cardinals.

In 2004 he retired from coaching and became the Special Assistant For Player Personnel for the Steelers, where he earned those two final Super Bowl rings.

Greene now 70, is retired and living in Texas. Should the Steelers win their record seventh Super Bowl next month, my hunch is that Joe Greene will be awarded a seventh Super Bowl ring too.

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