December 22, 2016

The seller is doing the right thing – rerunning the auction and dropping the price:

2014 Seahawks NFC Championship ring

I’m not affiliated with the seller or this championship ring.

The ebay seller as shown above, has relisted this Seahawk 2014 championship ring a few times after not getting a single bid, and has now dropped the price to $8,000.00 (yes, I am showing his earlier championship ring auction above).

I can’t tell you how many times potential championship ring sellers have said to me when I make a fair and sometimes over-marked offer on a ring” thanks, but I have an offer of….” and then they tell me of a higher offer than mine.

Most of the time, the offer does not exist, or sometimes, if the offer is real, it won’t materialize into a transaction. Here we see, that no championship ring collector in the U.S. and no Seahawks fan was willing to fork over $8,000 (the last starting bid in the previous auction that resulted in an auction ending without a single bid).

Honestly, $8,000 is a very fair price for a player, 2014 NFC championship ring with the proper presentation box.

If the championship ring continues not to get any bidding and the auction runs out again, I wonder if the seller would consider starting a new auction at a lower price?

Please remember, I buy championship rings constantly. If you would like to sell your championship ring in a private sale and have no one know, please contact me.

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