October 3, 2016

This picture of William Perry’s Super Bowl XX ring is one of the most well known Championship Ring photos of all time:

William Perry Refrigerator Perry Super Bowl XX ring with half dollar

Whoever thought to show a half-dollar coin with a super bowl ring to demonstrate the finger size, succeeded in getting us to understand and appreciate the huge finger size of William Perry.

Almost every championship ring enthusiast knows that this ring is the largest championship ring ever produced by finger size, (it’s not the largest by number of diamonds or gold weight).

The William Perry Super Bowl XX ring is believed to be around a size 25, although no measuring tool actually exists to confirm it’s true size.

So great is the lore of this championship ring and finger size, Jostens, who made the original Bears 1985 Super Bowl rings produced many “salesman sample” rings in this huge size and allowed reps to show these championship rings to their clients and prospects.

There are quite a few William Perry Jostens Super Bowl XX salesman sample rings in the market place for collectors.

In July of 2015, Heritage Auctions sold what was believed to be Perry’s actual Super Bowl ring for an astonishing $203,150.00.

Very knowledgeable championship ring collectors asked me how the auction house could be so positive that the ring they sold was not a salesman sample that had been converted to a exact player championship ring, by swapping the man-made diamond with a real one and removing the “not for resale” on the inside band?

That’s a good question, and I have no idea how the auction house authenticated the championship ring. The seller and all the other bidders must have felt comfortable with the Super Bowl ring being offered since a bidding war erupted.

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